Arzul was first introduced to the party as a merchant in distress.

Two days travel outside of the city of Katapesh Arzul and his caraven were reportedly attacked by gnoll raiders. Hidden, beneath his dead camel, he survived the gnolls but was almost killed by the desert heat.

Fortunetly the heroes came across him before it was too late and escorted him back to the city.

They said their farewells at the gates and that was it…

Or so they thought.

A trio of thieves raided Rayhan’s estate in an attempt to obtain the scroll of Kakishon. They were detained and waiting to be furthered questioned when a cloaked ninja infiltrated the rooms and slew all three.

The ninja was pursued to the surrounding fields and in the confrontation, took his own life.

When the cloak was removed the ninja’s idenity was revealed as Arzul!


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