Former Templar of the South Wind. Slain by the heroes after being dominated by the daemon Xulthos


Kardswann came to Kelmarane in the shape of a man, but he was something more than a man. Wielding a massive axe of alien design and bearing a haughty demeanor that hardly acknowledged the gnolls, Karswann slew the previous chieftain in single combat, more out of absent curiosity than to neutralize a worthy foe.

Drawn to the region on a circuit of sites monitored by his genie mistress, Kardswann soon became bored with the tribe, opting instead to explore the rest of Kelmarane. The ruined church at the edge of the village intrigued him almost immediately. Behind a curious magical seal that held no power over a creature capable of becoming ethereal at will, Kardswann found an unanticipated evil that corrupted even his righteous soul, just as it had corrupted the entire village of Kelmarane decades earlier, before it was sealed within the crypt by the agents of the Pactmasters who secretly pacified and abandoned the village when its citizens fell under the sway of a cruel cult dedicated to an ancient evil—an insidious daemon called Xulthos Kardswann is now controlled by this evil, and has fallen from the graces of his mistress. Now mortal, he leads his adopted gnoll tribe in service to the Carrion King of Pale Mountain, attracting bandits from throughout the north to a reborn bazaar in the run-down battle market of Kelmarane.


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