A Djinni princess a master of wishcraft.
She assembled the Templars of 5 Winds. Five loyal mortals who she bestowed the power of Janni’s to and gifted with immortality for as long as they maintained her favor.

With the aid of a human lover named Andrathi, her five janni minions, and a small army of her own, these Templars of the Five Winds sought out Jhavhul and attacked his people. The resulting battles raged across the Pale Mountain region as Jhavhul desperately tried to hold out just long enough to finish his 1,000 wishes. But as fate would have it, he never made it. Andrathi sacrificed himself to capture Jhavhul and his army in a magical dimension held within the legendary Scroll of Kakishon.

With Jhavhul defeated, Nefeshti and her Templars disappeared from history…


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