Lions of Saresh

The Lion’s of Saresh were an adventuring party formed by childhood friends Terrace, Patrick, Fellip and Durnan and operated out of the town Thricehill.

They became household names in Thricehill after tracking down and killing a Gnoll witch who was blighting the farmers crops. But Terrace wished be known across the dessert, and decided to take on a bigger enemy.

Terrace lead the old Lions of Saresh into Gnoll controlled Kelmarane in an attempt to make a name for themselves.

Early on in their venture they were ambushed by Kardswann’s demon Kezurkian and captured. Only the Bard Fellip managed to escape.

Terrace and his companions were brought to the battle market and once Kardswann determined that they were of no importance, were turned over to the savage gnolls.

First Parick, their scout, was taken to the north of the monastary where the Dust Digger roamed. He was set free across the plain and told that they were feeling merciful.

He only got a third of the way across before the Digger swallowed him from beneath.

Then Duran, their mighty Barbarian was blinded and forced to fight the giant Mumba (snake) in the outskirts while the Gnolls watched on.

Lastly Terrace himself was staked out in the sun and disembowed while the Gnolls took bets on how long he would last.

Abadar’s mercy was with him that day as a Paladin of Sarenrae and his companions raced from the near by buildings to slew the Gnolls and heal his wounds.

Now Terrace has formed a new Lions of Saresh, and drills his companions daily to be ready for anything.

Lions of Saresh

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